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How To Conduct A Criminal Record Check in India

Multiple courts spread throughout the country have taken to digitizing records. The e-courts provide all the inputs within 48 hours. This makes it smoother for Background verification firms to get their hands on those court records which need verification. District, Supreme as well as High courts are referred to and so, it is carried out on a Pan-India basis. Prediction of future unwanted behaviour forms the crux of such investigations.

Often times, individuals commit certain crimes in places other than their current residential address. This can go unreported at the time of police verification and might not reflect in the records. The Court records come in handy during these situations as they shed light on the suspicious activities that may have taken place in the past.

In a nutshell, what courts do is that they dig up all the records of fishy and illegal activities that the candidate may have engaged in. Such screenings are typically carried out in tandem with leading law firms that are registered with the Bar Council of India. The turnaround time for which is 3-7 days.

In our country, civil record search is something that can be done at the local level. The reports incorporate every information that is demanded of the firms.
There are 2 categories of crimes –

1. Serious crimes (terrorism, arson, murder, rape, burglary, kidnappings)

2. Minor crimes (drunk driving, shoplifting, vandalism, trespassing)

categories of crimes

Now, potential employers need to be ultra -sensitive of the data that’s used for employee checks. Company policies differ when it comes to hiring someone who may have appeared in court. A divorcee need not necessarily be a bad fit for a company other than a matrimonial firm or a dating-based organization. She/He cannot be discriminated on those grounds as it would be unfair to do so.

Court Background checks are thoroughly conducted through comprehensive lawsuit findings of those court records that link criminal or civil cases. Both organized as well as non-organized crimes have to be checked for. The eventual decision regarding hiring is taken after an expansive appraisal of all criminal background screenings.

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