IT Solutions


BLOCKCHAIN- We aim to provide users the ability to own and manage their identity so that they can use what’s rightly theirs and share these with future employers, institutions, and other organizations. These entities can then entertain our users as they are pre-verified and hence, trusted.

AI/ML- We build solutions to authenticate and track employees in real time in the blue collar domain for example. Drivers working for ride sharing companies.

BIG DATA/ANALYTICS- Solutions and consulting services focused on digital transformation in BFSI, telecom and healthcare. Our strengths lie in big data, analytics, cloud computing and emerging UI/UX technologies in the Internet of Things paradigm.


For your blockchain solutions, setup, maintain and integrate the interledger between different blockchain networks we validate your blockchain use cases.

Big Data Analysis

Platforms that simplify the storage, retrieval, integration and processing of big data across multiple, diverse sources

Machine Learning and Data Analysis

Analytics solutions that can improve Accountable Care, help Caregivers make better decisions, and improve/track compliance.

Platform and Application Development

Analytics to drive Customer Experience and Offerings improvements.

Business Case and Project Reviews

Risk and Fraud analytics for Revenue Assurance and Portfolio analysis.

Security Reviews and Implementations

Will include examination of the policy and plans which support implementation of the national security strategy

Our Approach

Why choose our services

As a global service leader, we leverage our global experience, expertise and scale, Professionally trained and verified personnel to deliver our expertise

A robust customer service strategy that provides multiple channels for capturing client feedback.

Superior operations delivered through cluster approach ensuring clear accountability and responsibility.

A dedicated account management structure enables seamless communication with local management and ensures operations efficiency

We are expanding globally