Social Media Background Screening

Social Media Background check entails searching the social media accounts of the candidates who have applied for a particular job. These days, 95 percent of firms conduct social media screenings on individuals.

Social Media background check can reveal critical information that cannot be gleaned from the traditional sources of data. It is important for us to know about the aspects that may be considered baseless when it comes to social media checks. One cannot discriminate against a candidate on the basis of medical history, religious beliefs, age, gender, nationality. If however, a firm singles out a candidate on the basis of any of these, they could land into serious legal trouble.

The right background verification company uses technology-enabled processes to conduct social media background verification. They thoroughly assess the individual’s social media posts and get useful insights on how the individual presents himself or herself in a public light. Taking in violent or immoral candidates can have implications on the other employees as well. A legal firm would be wary if hiring those candidates who openly brag about breaches that he/ she has committed. Similarly, a bank would think twice before hiring candidates who openly oppose the financial policies formulated by the Government. Additionally, social media background verification can reveal proof of alcoholism, drug usage, negative digital reputation, recreational outrage, hate towards other religions, proof of sexism and racism.

We conduct social media background checks across all sectors so that all clients make informed decisions. Our advanced and automated background verification services take care of this.