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Millow is on a mission to revolutionize the Background Verification Industry by leveraging modern technologies to not just offer risk management and compliance services but also, value additions to people and enterprises. We are an end-to-end trusted Background Verification Company in India and are in the business of establishing trust in an individual or entity using stringent & automated background verification processes, in the least amount of time and by harnessing strict data security protocols. We are an Indian company and have global expansion plans. We have offices in Bangalore, Pune & Dehradun in India, We are a team of closely-knit members who strive to set an example of professionalism, reliability, and excellence. Our Customized Background Checks services in PAN India results speak volumes to our potentiality and our clients love us!


What are the Major Benefits of Background Verification for Companies in India?

When it comes to hiring the right candidate for your company, background screening of prospective employees has great significance. Background verification may be easy or as detailed as the requirement. It is all up to the HR team and the hiring managers to hire potential employees. Background verification companies make it easy for management. In this cyber age, a detailed employee background verification in MNCs and several organizations is a requirement for continuing employment. Millow is one of the most trusted employee background verification companies in India dedicated to offering all-inclusive and fully-managed background screening services. We have an eminent in-house team of investigators and employee screening experts who have adept experience in verifying employee background. Depending on the unique pre employment screening requirements of various companies, we offer different levels of background verification services – Basic Level, Categorized level & Detailed Level. Now let us take a quick glance at some of the important benefits of our background check services.

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The Top 6 Advantages of Employee Background Verification

Make Improved Business Decisions

A vague employee background check results in the selection of candidates who may have hidden criminal backgrounds or alcohol addictions, or even submit fake qualification certificates. We conduct detailed criminal record check online for hiring the right candidate and it will definitely improve your company’s future business decisions.

Considerably Reduce the Risk Of Bad Hiring Strategies

At Millow, we incorporate intelligent background screening tools to enhance the background verification process. All types of risks associated with hiring candidates who had committed offensive acts in the past can be easily eliminated with our insightful employee background screening strategies.

Improved Workplace Safety and Security

According to the American Management Association, 30% of total businesses fail because of theft at workplaces. As the pioneers in background check for employment, we conduct effective & advanced background check programs to reduce workplace theft, violence and reinstate a safer and secure work environment.


Increase Employee Productivity

Our background check programs identify the false claims made by potential employees and prevent companies from hiring non-qualified candidates. Selecting the best talent pool that qualifies the criteria set by each organization improves employee productivity.

Meet the Hiring Standards

Background verification companies in India can help conduct education reference checks with an emphasis on details such as mark sheet verification etc. To make companies stand out in this competitive market they need an expert team of qualified employees. Our employee Background Screening services help organizations meet well-accepted industry standards.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

As one of the well-established background check companies in India, Millow designs reliable and compliant employee screening solutions for cross industry organizations to help them save their company privileges.



Background verification services for
high volume clients who require stringent due
diligence performed on their job applicants

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Banks / NBFC’s / HFC’s

Small to mid-sized firms requiring basic
Background Check services performed
on their job applicants

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People requiring background checks
performed on their domestic help for
eg. Maids, drivers, guards, baby sitters etc.

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Tenant Screening helps protect your rental investments.
Landlords or brokers who want to verify
the credit worthiness and screen the background
of a potential tenants

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Create your own package

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Why Choose Millow to Conduct Your Background Checks in India?

Hiring the right candidate through a criminal background check will definitely improve your company’s future business decisions. As one of the leading background verification companies in India, Millow offers the most reliable, compliant, and cost-effective background screening services by adhering to state-of-the-art digital technologies and in-depth in-person searches that meet your business needs. At Millow, we have an eminent panel of adept Background Check experts who have a massive bank of expertise in the Background Check Services industry. Since our inception, Millow has become the pioneer in offering both national and international background verification solutions.

Let us have a quick glance at the benefits of Millow’s Background Screening services:

  1. Fast and easy to use background check request submission procedure
  2. Well-tailored background screening packages suitable for every industry
  3. Customer-first Philosophy
  4. Dependable and trustworthy background screening reports
  5. Fastest turnaround time
  6. Perfect fit for high-profile candidate screening
  7. Affordable and customized background verification packages
  8. Intelligent background verification professionals having many years of experience in the Background Check Service sector
  9. Leverage the best of ultra-modern digital technologies
  10. Highest data security protocols
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Which are the Top 8 Industries and Situations Most Suitable for Background Verification in India?

We are modern & advanced Background verification company in India having an in-house team of verification experts and leading-edge compliance tools catering to the below-listed industries

  1. Healthcare Providers
  2. Financial Institutions (NBFCs)
  3. Law and Legal Systems
  4. Educational Institutions
  5. Building, Transportation, & Logistics Companies
  6. Manufacturing firms
  7. Government & Semi-Government sectors
  8. Energy and Utility Industry Solutions

Apart from these industries, situations where individuals are hired to look after children and elderly people and organizations that recruit professionals or people residing overseas must avail of employee Background Screening services.

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