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Millow is an end-to-end Background Verification Company in India and is in the business of establishing trust in an individual or entity using stringent & automated background verification processes, in the least amount of time and by harnessing strict data security protocols. Millow is derived from the Hindi word मिलो which means ‘meet’. We live in a trust-deficit society and Millow envisions a world where people can safely meet and associate with one another because we have verified or enabled them to verify one another. We help our customers gain sufficient data and proof for smarter people related decision-making.

Millow aims to eliminate easily avoidable fraud for enterprises and also the most vulnerable segments of society. We believe people should not engage with one another, especially for business, on just 'a whim and a prayer'. We also hold that humans are not usually equipped to-- firstly, discover and then decipher deep insights from vast sources of data (pertaining to individuals) on their own. So, we have and continue to build background verification and fraud mitigation products/solutions for corporations, financial institutions, and the common man/woman at large. We have offices in Bangalore, Pune & Dehradun and we also have a pan-India presence of verification officers which enables us to cover all zip codes.


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Background Verification:
History and Benefits

Background Verification, synonymous with employee screening, allegedly came into existence after the 1908 incident in the U.S when a prank by an apprentice of a company resulted in the unfortunate death of his colleague. The company retained the employee and was later sued for negligent hiring.

When it comes to hiring the right candidate for your company, background validation of prospective employees has great significance. Background verification may be as simple or as detailed as HR and upper management’s requirement, for instance, today companies have started asking for continuous background checks (quarterly) and even social media background screening to cover all bases. Human capital is the lifeblood of an organization and they must ascertain that the team being hired indeed has the background, capability, and integrity to execute the organization's mission. Wrong hiring is truly costly to a company.

In our cyber age, a detailed employee background verification in MNCs and even smaller enterprises is necessary. Millow is one of the most trusted employee background verification companies in India dedicated to offering all-inclusive and end-to-end background screening services. Our motto for HR is “Set it and forget it”. We have an eminent in-house team of investigators and employee screening experts who have adept experience in verifying the job applicant’s background. Depending on the unique pre-employment screening requirements of various companies, we offer different levels of background verification services – Basic Level, Categorized level & Detailed Level. Now let us take a quick glance at some of the important benefits of our background check services.

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The Top 6 Benefits of Employee Background Verification

Negligent Hiring Lawsuit Avoidance

According to the American Management Association, 30% of all businesses fail because of theft at workplaces. As the pioneers in background checks for employees, we conduct effective & advanced background screening to reduce workplace theft, violence, fraud and hence we help create a safe and secure work environment. An organization that has negligent hiring practices risks irrevocable legal, reputational, and monetary damage.

Resume Fraud Avoidance

A stringent employee background check eliminates the selection of candidates who may have hidden criminal backgrounds, lied about their credentials, or even submitted fake marksheets & certificates. We conduct comprehensive database checks and field investigations to validate the claims of your employees so you can be sure of hiring the right candidate. We aim to empower companies and improve their hiring processes.

Compliance & Security

As one of the well-established and credible background verification companies in India, Millow designs reliable and compliant employee screening programs for cross-industry organizations to safeguard themselves from the legal backlash resulting from negligent hiring practices. Typically, ISO 27001 certified organizations must perform a background verification of their employees.


Cost Savings

The true cost of hiring a bad employee is more than meets the eye. A bad hire can result in huge productivity losses, damaged employee morale, fewer sales, and as per the U.S Department of Labor is as costly as 30% of an employee’s first-year salary. No supervisor wants to spend one day/week just micromanaging an underqualified employee who passed through the cracks. Hence, background verification can save the company thousands and even lakhs of Indian rupees and safeguard the company from hiring the wrong candidate.

Uphold Hiring Standards

Background verification is still nascent in India and the industry has low barriers to entry. Thus, organizations must choose the right background verification company that has the right credentials and experience in performing ‘by-the-book’ stringent verification of their employees so that the true picture of the employee is revealed, and the wrong candidate does not slip through the cracks.

Increase Employee Productivity

One bad apple spoils the bunch! Our customized background check programs reveal not just the integrity of the candidate but also dig out any history of undesirable workplace behavior by the candidate. Selecting even a highly qualified candidate who has a track record of being fired for not being a team player and/or being violent can be detrimental to an organization.


Company Solutions

Employers hiring a small or high number of employees

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BFSI Solutions

Banks, NBFCs, MFIs and HFCs requiring FCU, FI and background screening services

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Tenant Screening

Landlords who want to get their tenants pre-screened

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Dating Partner Research

Women who want their prospective partner researched by us for the purpose of dating, courtship or even marriage

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Domestic Help Screening

Households who want to get their driver, maid, nanny etc. verified

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Candidate Self Verification

A candidate who wants their CV/resume verified so they have an advantage & more credibility when they apply for jobs.

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Why Choose Millow to Conduct Your Background Checks in India?

Background verification is slowly but surely losing its tag of being a nascent industry in India. With low oversight, lack of accreditation and low barriers to entry the market was/is flooded with unscrupulous, and unprofessional verification agencies. In a cost-conscious society, it is natural to choose the ‘cheapest’ service provider at the expense of authenticity because background verification was viewed more like a ‘checkbox’, something that needs to be done for the sake of compliance. However, HR departments, company owners, and executive management are now understanding the background verification, its benefits and even processes. Background screening is more than a mere ‘checkbox’, it’s a risk mitigation function that is vital to any organization.

Being one of the best background verification companies in India, Millow offers the most reliable, compliant, and cost-effective background screening services by adhering to state-of-the-art digital technologies and in-depth in-person searches that meet your business needs.

At Millow, we have an eminent panel of adept Background Check experts who have a massive bank of expertise in the Background Check Services industry. Since our inception, Millow has become the pioneer in offering both national and international background verification solutions. Our Background Verification services for Blue collar & White Collar employees includes Documents/Identity Verification, Employment Screening, Address Verification, Criminal Record Verification, Court Record Verification, Education Verification, Online Marksheet Verification, Drug check, Credit check, Social Media Screening, Global Watchlist check, Economic default check, and more checks as per client’s requirements.

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The Millow Advantage is as Follows:

User Experience and Company branding

An ethos of fraud mitigation, empathy for the client and even candidate is what drives Millow. A job applicant is stressed and needs to be onboarded quickly. A bad background verification experience from the company’s hired agency can tarnish the reputation of the employer and cause the candidate to go to a competitor. Millow strives to provide a seamless and quick onboarding experience to the client’s new hires thereby, upholding and even improving their brand reputation.

End-to-End Service

Companies and their HR departments should not be burdened with mundane tasks, especially related to compliance when reputed companies like Millow exist. Millow’s platform was created with the motto “Set it and forget it” for HR departments. We can handle the entire background verification process starting from document/detail collection directly from candidates using our proprietary bgv platform.

Proprietary platform

Millow is a technology-first background check company in India and it has built its own background verification platform. With the rise in digitization in India, technologies can be leveraged to perform real-time verifications from the issuing authorities. Moreover, reliance on the traditional approach of physical visits, which are inherently time-consuming and suboptimal, can be reduced.

Instant Background Checks

As a modern background verification company, Millow constantly strives to shave off days and even hours from the background verification process. We are constantly adding intelligent features to our platform and training our staff to improve our processes. More automation and better operational efficiency can reduce costs, which can be passed onto our clients.


Small businesses are often faced with the challenge of finding a background verification company. The typical process involved is:

  1. Contacting numerous vendors and inviting quotations
  2. Negotiating the good price and hiring the cheapest
  3. After finalizing the agreement, the company then realizes the problems with onboarding the cheapest priced vendor.
  4. The company requires a dedicated team to follow up with the vendor overs emails and phone calls for every candidate, as 90% of the background verification companies still operate in a traditional model with limited tech adoption.

Millow Makes Background Verification Easy

The advantage of Millow is that we provide an end-to-end background verification service in 3 steps:

  1. Register
  2. Input info and upload images
  3. View the final report in a customized dashboard of your company on our app

Alternatively, we can offer you just two steps as we will contact your applicants for the necessary info rather than burden your teams with this time consuming and unproductive task:

  1. You register
  2. View the final report










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