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Profile Check Certificate

A powerful certificate that makes you stand apart from your competition as “trusted”. Foreign employers, especially from Singapore, UAEJapan etc. require this before even giving you an interview slot. We verify employment, education, criminal records, credit history, and references to ascertain your trustworthiness. 


" Trust Through Validation "





Hr TrylointimatesHr Trylointimates
07:41 12 Apr 24
Great service and true value for money....superfff
Good appearance
Praful NerkarPraful Nerkar
06:00 11 Jan 24
I got very prompt service from Mr. Harsh.Highly recommend Millow.Keep up the good work👍
sandeep namburisandeep namburi
06:22 08 Jan 24
I taken a profile verification certificate from Millow. They are very good verification and with in a time line they given certificate.
Info WorldInfo World
11:16 06 Jan 24
Super service. 100% genuine and keep their commitment.
Aadi RoyAadi Roy
05:56 20 Nov 23
I approached millow because I am Appling for Singapore work Visa. and consultancy gave me dead line to submit Certificate Verification Report within 72 hours. And I received a complete report in 48hrs! Harsh guided me very well and I am thankful to the entire team! Highly recommended for education background verification! 🙂
Digital SolutionsDigital Solutions
10:15 06 Nov 23
The background verification services provided by Millow was excellent. They were very efficient and accurate, and the final report was presented in a clear and easy-to-understand format. I also appreciated the excellent customer service, and I would definitely use their services again in the future.
12:42 13 Oct 23
It is great to have the services and getting quicker response compared to other companies. We definitely recommend their bgv services for all for seamless faster hassle free response. Thanks
Reshma AnilReshma Anil
13:06 05 Oct 23
Very smooth processing and consistent, composed and concise communication. In case of mistakes in their part, they're more than willing to trace back their own paths, actions and issues without wasting time in excuses. Thus, they do efficient work.

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Profile Check

profile check certificate is a document verifying the credibility of a person regarding their background. We live in an increasingly remote world where face-to-face interactions are becoming obsolete. Lack of trust becomes a hindrance and impacts our daily lives. A profile check is done voluntarily by an individual thereby, taking the initiative to prove who they are and their capabilities thereby, solving the trust deficit problem in society. Millow plays a crucial part by becoming the “arbiter” of trust. We verify your documents and credentials directly from the issuing authorities and provide you the proof along with the certificate and a color-coded report. We believe in a world where an individual does not need to prove who they are! We want you to own and control your verified credentials and share them with whomever you choose.


We are India’s trusted background verification services provider and have built a state-of-the-art background check portal, using AI & ML and have automated assembly line functions to deliver stringent yet quick background check reports to customers. We also have numerous accreditations and government partnerships


Millow verified my education and past employment for a job offer I had in Singapore and they were super professional. Millow’s platform was easy to use as well.

Seema Singh Delhi

I contacted Millow because I urgently needed my documents verified for a job in Japan and they were kind to accommodate my requests and finished the verification at short notice.

Girish P Chennai

Millow’s background check reports are detailed and highly authentic. My foreign employer was impressed with the depth and quality of their background verification report.


I had a job interview with a Japanese company who asked me for a BGV report at short notice. I contacted Millow and they were quick and super professional in accommodating my needs. I am so thankful for their timely service and in helping me bag the job!


After being defrauded by a background check agency, I contacted Millow who are certified and are one of India’s best background screening agencies. Their process is authentic, and they use technology to expedite background checks.

1. Employment

A recent survey revealed that 78% of job applicants, from a sample size of 400 people, considered misrepresenting themselves in a job application in order to secure the job. Recruiters and employers know this! Many foreign companies hire people from India and the applicant or prospective job candidate needs to voluntarily get a profile check certificate to prove their background to the employer, without which they won’t even entertain the candidate for an interview. If you are a foreign/overseas job consultant or a job applicant to an overseas company, you need a reputable and accredited background check agency to provide you with a detailed BGV report. We have assisted numerous clients who have received job offers from foreign companies or need a BGV report before the actual interview. IT applicants need to undergo a comprehensive background verification prior to being recruited by foreign based companies. Companies such as Mitsubishi, Honda, Toyota, Hitachi and Subaru hire Indians to work in factories and manufacturing units. These individuals often have managerial roles and responsibilities and are required to self verify themselves before they join the industry. Some of these firms hire only those applicants who have voluntarily gotten a background verification done through an ISO 9001 certified agency. Being in a separate country comes with its own share of concerns and compliances and adhering to them will only increase one’s prospects Most foreign companies have been hiring Indian talent and the demand is only increasing .Sectors such as hospitality are always in need of blue-collared workforce such as chefs, the catering staff, attendants, waiters and the like. Names such as Marriott International, Hilton, Accor , Hyatt have a zero- tolerance policy when it comes to unsuitable candidates. They have stringent background screening policies in place and a black listing will see to it that the individual does not land a job at any of the other hotels as well. Typically, the candidate must pass a background check during or after the hiring process. Depending on how strict the employer’s requirements are, this can be very time consuming. Sometimes, it can even take 2 months. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, applicants these days have themselves and their CV /resume checked. It is not surprising that the supply of talent in the market far exceeds the number of jobs, especially during Covid-19. Companies receive a plethora of applications, and the hiring process is very resource and time intensive. Therefore, applicants nowadays get their credentials retrospectively verified by a reputed background screening agency so that they can present themselves as “trustworthy” candidates and win the favor of the potential employer.

2. Visa

Profile check certificate can be used by Indians to obtain visas to foreign countries.

3. Foreign Education

Foreign Universities require that you verify your education credentials especially since India is infamous for education and degree scams. A case in point is the recent Manav Bharti University (MBU) scandal where the university fraudulently sold over 36,000 fake degrees over a span of 11 years.

4. Tenancy

Landlords rent out their valuable properties to strangers. Some take an exorbitant deposit to safeguard against any potential damage. A profile check certificate can be leveraged to negotiate a lesser deposit or even rental amount. Landlords prefer verified tenants.

5. Matrimony and Dating

A very big domain of trust deficit is the romance industry: online matrimony and dating apps where fraud is rampant, and catfishing is commonplace. A profile check certificate can be a deterrent to scams, catfishing and broken hearts owing to lies and deceit. Romance scams hit a record $1.3 billion in 2021. Mutual background checks can be extremely beneficial and launch a relationship based on trust.

6. Resume

In a recent survey, 5 out of 6 people misrepresented themselves during the hiring process. Resumes are outdated and lacking trust. A profile check certificate is the document that validates that the contents of the resume or CV are true and authentic.
The typical content of a resume relates to education, previous employment, and extracurricular activities. Employers are most interested in your education and past employment because they want to make sure that you are indeed capable of handling the tasks they want you to perform. They also want to check your integrity by talking to your previous employers and references.

7. Better job prospects

Obtaining a profile check certificate can prevent you from failing a background check when you apply for a job in the future. Job applicants may not remember the true date/tenure of their previous employment and may mention inaccurate dates. During the background check process this will be flagged and jeopardize one’s chances of being selected. This is just one example out of many. Hence, getting a profile check certificate avoids such disastrous situations and helps you accurately fill out a job application form that matches the claims in your resume. Recruiters prefer verified candidates, especially when hiring for contract positions and gigs. A profile check certificate can be attached to your job application and also proided to a foreign employer.
A curriculum vitae or resume is simply a personal marketing document. The former is longer than a typical resume, but both serve the same purpose, which is to apply for a job. The document is filled out, formatted, and sent by the job applicant themselves. Some applicants even hire professionals to create their CV. Now the question arises, “What are the contents of CV and how true are they?”. Since the CV or resume is a personal marketing document, it can be exaggerated and even embellished. Therefore, employers need to verify the content by hiring a reputed BGV agency to do the background check.