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Fraud Control Unit

Providing efficient and nationwide Fraud Control Unit (FCU) services to aid banks, NBFCs, and their respective departments such as RCU and Credit, in meeting RBI’s compliance requirements swiftly.

Your partner in effortless compliance and top-tier fraud prevention

FCU Services offers tailored fraud control solutions for banks, NBFCs, and financial departments, ensuring seamless RBI compliance and top-tier security. Partner with us for effortless compliance and unparalleled fraud prevention


Banks safeguard wealth, provide loans, and drive economic activities, playing a vital global role. Adapting to tech and regulations, they shape finance's future.


NDFCs are non-bank financial companies that offer banking services like loans, investments, and insurance but don't focus on agricultural or industrial activities.


Fintech refers to tech-driven firms offering financial services like mobile payments and online banking, reshaping finance with innovation and efficiency.


E-commerce is buying and selling online, revolutionizing shopping with convenience and global reach

Available Services

Business Address (Non-Discreet)

Business Address (Discreet)

Residence Address (Non-discreet)

Shop License Certificate

Politically Exposed Person (PEP)

Court record (criminal)

Income Tax Return (ITR)

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At Millow, we pride ourselves on offering efficient and nationwide Fraud Control Unit (FCU) services designed to assist banks, NBFCs, and their respective departments like RCU and Credit in swiftly meeting RBI’s compliance requirements. With our comprehensive range of services, ranging from discreet business and residence address verifications to thorough shop license certificate verifications and reference checks, we ensure a seamless process that aligns with regulatory standards. Our team is dedicated to delivering timely results, with quick turnaround times for essential checks such as Politically Exposed Person (PEP) screenings, court record searches, and income tax return verifications. Leveraging our expertise and access to global databases, we provide reliable third-party due diligence and infrastructure evaluations. Additionally, we facilitate GST certificate verifications through direct collaboration with government authorities, ensuring thorough services verification

Allow Millows to be your trusted partner as you negotiate the complex world of compliance. Our dedicated background check experts are committed to providing you with accurate and comprehensive due diligence reports. In today’s environment, when security requirements and financial laws are strict, particularly for businesses like as banks, NBFCs, and housing associations, you can rely on us to make your compliance journey easier. With our comprehensive background investigations, we provide the assurance you wants for safeguarding your operations. Choose Millows to ensure confidence in your compliance efforts.