Millow is on a mission to reform the Background Verification Industry by leveraging the most modern technologies to not just offer risk management and compliance services but also value people and enterprises. We have expanded our footprint all over India with our end-to-end Trust Platform to establish trust in an individual or entity using automated background verification processes, in the least amount of time and by harnessing strict data security protocols. We are a team of closely-knit members who strive to set an example of expertise, reliability, and excellence. Our vast and ideal network makes us the leaders in background verification in India.
We offer a comprehensive suite of background screening solutions for businesses of all sizes – ranging from corporate business service providers to medium-scale businesses and start-ups to equip them for making the best hire decisions and manage the entire recruitment process. We incorporate intelligent background screening tools to enhance your recruitment process. All types of risks associated with hiring candidates who had committed offensive acts in the past can be easily eliminated with our insightful employee background screening strategies.