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To find an exceptional employee for a company, it is essential to look for the employee background verification. Fortunately, conducting background checks on applicants and employees is an effective way to uncover potential motives that could affect your business. As one of the best background verification companies in Coimbatore, Millow is essential to ensure the safety of citizens because there is a lot of misrepresentation on the part of applicants just to get hired. Background checks not only offer employers the benefit of learning more about a candidate's past, but they can also ultimately save the company time, capital, and stress in the hiring process. That being said, pre-employment background checks uncover information that was either intentionally or accidentally left out. The best background checks can help build a team you can trust, while defusing threats and guaranteeing your company's reputation. With so many applicants, the method of filtering out the crucial candidates and then choosing between them becomes even more complicated and competitive. But it's definitely worth doing a background check on your potential employees.

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Our background verification services:

1. Documents/Identity Verification
Aadhar, Pan Card, Voter ID, and DL

2. Employment Verification
Past employers

3. Address Verification
Physical check by our field agents Pan-India

4. Criminal Record Check
Police verification via SP’s office

5. Court Record Verification
Criminal Antecedents, verified by our team of legal experts

6. Education Verification
Academic certificates and mark sheets from universities across India and abroad

7. Social Media check
Indexing social media footprint

8. Global Watch list check
Global database check

9. Economic default check
Defaulters’ database check

10. Drug check
5-panel drug test from laboratories Pan-India

11. Credit check
CIBIL report

12. Marksheet Verification
Verify marksheets online


Key Benefits and features of Background Checks in Coimbatore

Why Choose Millow for Background Checks in Coimbatore?

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing your background check solutions. A background verification may seem like a complex technique, but you can rest easy when you leave any type of screening to us. We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a sensible, responsible and reputed company called Millow in Coimbatore, and our company is an encyclopedia of all kinds of BGV services. From the very beginning, we have been meeting the needs of hundreds of small, medium and large businesses. Whether you are analyzing employee background screening for the first time or you are a veteran who has experience with background checks, we look forward to communicating with you. Millow processes millions of pieces of data in a systematic way, making it useful and practical for its members. Our goal is to solidify trust in an individual or institution through rigorous and computerized background check processes in a short period of time and using formal data security protocols. Millow, the prominent and well-known background check company in Coimbatore, has always given utmost priority to the requirements of our clients and achieved this in a rational and proficient manner, utilizing the promising resources available and never compromising on quality. We provide screening services to various organizations at different levels, be it entry level or senior level. Our offerings are the result of continuous technological innovations, regular feedback from our clients and our endeavor to provide the industry's best screening solutions. Aspects we cover include verification of experience, educational qualifications, management results, accounting performance and skills. We are committed to the highest level of honesty with our clients, vendors and employees.

The Importance of Background Verification

Background checks provide a complete picture of candidates. It also allows companies to build and maintain credibility with their clients. By choosing a company that conducts background checks, you can filter out the worst candidates and retain the best candidates for a harmonious work environment and consistent business performance. The scope of a background check depends on the employer, the company, and the job in question. Regardless of whether an employee is a junior employee or an employee in a top management position, he/she directly represents a brand identity. Honest employees who generously fit into the company culture are a valuable asset. Any misconduct or amateurish attitude of an employee can ruin and seriously damage the image of a company. Hiring contract or temporary employees can raise additional safety concerns; therefore, it is imperative to vet them before hiring them for a project. Hiring employees and recruiting staff are time-consuming and valuable investments. It is important to safeguard these investments by conducting a thorough background check. This short-term investment will often pay off in the long run. An employer's information is their credit score, employment history, driving record, motor vehicle registration, court records, compensation, medical records, real estate holdings, references, sex offender data, or friend and neighbor checks.

Companies use background screening as a risk management method to limit their damage. Being the #1 among background verification companies in Coimbatore, we have a responsibility to find the right talent with the right skills and trustworthiness. However, in today's sourcing atmosphere, it is difficult to find clients without requiring proof. If employers exercise "due diligence" when hiring an employee, they can minimize the risk of liability to their employees.

Why Verify Employment History?

Why Verify Employment History

Every employee has equal access to office space, assets, and sensitive information, and therefore poses a significant risk. A proper background check can deter applicants who have something to hide. Establishing a background check program encourages applicants to be more open about their backgrounds, and a thorough background check can provide information about applicants' past employment and performance that provides a detailed picture of the candidate. Employers today have the right to know more about the candidates with whom they want to engage in a legal relationship.

We would love to work with your company to provide detailed and thorough background check solutions. Millow offers property managers practical solutions for tenant screening. We can handle all of your employee and worker background checks. Contact Us:

Contact: 011 41219183

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose what BGV I want to get done?

Yes, you can select the checks you’d like from our list of services.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all forms of payment like UPI, wallets, bank transfer, checks etc. depending on who is requesting our services.

Can I stop verification once started?

Yes, you may however, no refund can be initiated in such cases.

How secure is your platform and website?

We are an ISO 27001 certified organisation
1. Forgery-Proof reports are provided
2. Physical Security- We have been put through security reviews and audits
3. Online Ordering and HRIS integration-With HR-XML compatibility, our technology is based on the industry best practices.

What if details provided are incomplete?

Millow’s team will quickly reach out to you for the necessary details/documents. Alternatively, Millow can also offer an end-to-end service and collect the details/documents from your job applicant.



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