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Recently, India has seen an increase in tenant-related frauds, which means that it’s a landlord’s responsibility to find suitable tenants. To find a suitable tenant if you own a property, you need a sophisticated tenant screening process. Your property is likely to be protected and paid for on time by tenants who are serious about their own financial risk. While tenant screening services are crucial for landlords, they should ensure they use high-quality sites that provide reliable results. Tenant background checks give you the opportunity to spot potential red flags and screen your applicants. Based on what you look for in a background check, the information will show up slightly differently, but all will verify that the tenant is who they claim.

What is a tenant screening service?

Screening reports provide landlords with information on how a prospective tenant will perform as a tenant based on their past performance. Renters can discover whether an applicant has a history of late rental payments, whether they have come ejected, and the reason for their eviction. Furthermore, landlords can determine if a prospective tenant can afford to make the monthly rent payment. Also, the reports of landlords may indicate whether applicants have a lot of personal debt or expenses.

How to select the best tenant screening service?


Choosing an affordable service provider is crucial when preferring a background verification company. When a property owner chooses a tenant screening agency that lowballed the price, it may be due to the adage “You get what you pay for.” It is important to remember that a landlord wants a company that does correct and relevant research using the most current database. In addition, the background check company you choose must also be able to serve your tenant verification needs. Find services with standard background plans that benefit your organization, then get in touch with them. Examine their packages and custom plans to determine if they will benefit your organization. Millow provides tenant background screening service that meets the specific needs and goals of the clients.

Security of data

By conducting a background check, you gather a lot of sensitive information about the tenant, and your company must be able to safeguard it. However, most BGV verification companies use insecure digital systems to process their checks, putting data at risk of theft. Your organization may suffer serious consequences if you mishandle tenant records and information. Select a background verification company with a reliable database in order to reduce risk and keep your company safe. Therefore, you should prefer a background checking company that helps you verify your tenants in a safe manner. Millow protects your sensitive data and information with multi-layered security measures to keep it safe from unauthorized access.

Rental and eviction history

It speaks volumes about an applicant if they have a history of evictions and rental payments. A candidate’s behavior can be observed in this process, making it one of the most significant parts of the verification process. A tenant’s payment history lets you know if they will pay rent on time, how they will treat the property, and so forth. Millow performs effective research on their previous rental and eviction history and provides accurate results.

Credit and employer verification

Due to the critical importance of the ability to pay when renting, a property owner may ask for a credit check and proof of income. You can find out about a person’s financial status and credit history by performing a credit check. Making sure your tenants can pay rent on time will prevent many hassles and give you peace of mind. Property owners can request recent pay stubs from tenants if they want additional safety precautions. Most tenant screening services include this information. Self-employed applicants are required to provide tax returns and business licenses. In some tenant reviews, tenant credit checks only are available, while others include credit reports. Millow conducts an effective credit check that provides a complete history line of the tenant.

Report delivery

In addition to having all of these details on hand, a landlord’s ability to obtain this information at the correct time is imperative if he wishes to fill a vacancy quickly. Depending on the tenant screening agency, background checks take a different amount of time. Those services usually deliver the information within minutes, but you can verify the delivery time by checking the FAQ. Depending on your needs, you will want to make sure that the background verification company you choose can deliver reliable work within your specified timeline. With its streamlined process, the Millow team collects the information much faster than any less experienced individual, helping you find mistakes easily, such as clerical errors or missing information.

FCRA compliance

As part of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, consumer reporting agencies must provide accurate and fair information about their clients. Numerous databases contain a wealth of information about public records. It does not mean everyone can access the data just because it is available. When conducting a property check, the owner needs to alert applicants and let them know who’s doing it. To protect applicant information, companies that comply with the FCRA take steps to safeguard it. Tenant screening services should state clearly whether they are FCRA-compliant, and property owners should avoid those that aren’t.

Additional tools

Renting can be easier and quicker with the help of some tenant screening services that offer additional tools that streamline the process. Some screening services offer additional tools that can help landlords throughout the entire process, from application to renewal. A lot of sites provide property owners the opportunity to keep all forms in one place and allow applicants to sign leases and agreements using an e-signature.

Providing customer support

Providing quality and timely customer service is a fundamental factor of a company’s success. Though most users don’t anticipate having to contact customer service, it’s always a smart idea to verify that the company has a good support system. We at Millow provide excellent customer service from the get-go.