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A successful business needs successful employees, which means your recruiting process needs to be as good as it can be. One way to ensure that you hire qualified candidates who are a good fit for your business is to work with a professional background verification company. Background checks help you make sound decisions about each candidate. Millow is a technology-enabled background verification company in Raipur, India that uses advanced technology and intelligence techniques to check the background of new employees, hirers, domestic helpers, etc. so that individuals and companies can hire only reliable and qualified people.

If you can bring forward your employees with panache, you will build a creative, trustworthy, and thriving team that will take your business to new heights. To find a trustworthy employee for your business, you should hire the services of an authentic employee verification company in Raipur. To find an excellent candidate in Raipur, it is important to make prudent hiring decisions.



Our background verification services:

1. Documents/Identity Verification
Aadhar, Pan Card, Voter ID, and DL

2. Employment Verification
Past employers

3. Address Verification
Physical check by our field agents Pan-India

4. Criminal Record Check
Police verification via SP’s office

5. Court Record Verification
Criminal Antecedents, verified by our team of legal experts

6. Education Verification
Academic certificates and mark sheets from universities across India and abroad

7. Social Media check
Indexing social media footprint

8. Global Watch list check
Global database check

9. Economic default check
Defaulters’ database check

10. Drug check
5-panel drug test from laboratories Pan-India

11. Credit check
CIBIL report

12. Marksheet Verification
Verify marksheets online


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Why Choose Millow for Background Checks

Good background checks are crucial to protect your company from bad employees. Bad employees can cost oodles of income potential and resources without bringing much to the company. A really bad hire can even damage your company's image and cause lifelong damage. We take a big risk by presenting ourselves as an authentic, reputable, and well-known BGV assistance organization in Raipur named Millow. We provide the best and cost-effective background screening services to keep fraudulent employees away from your business.

Our successful and solid background screening services help our clients to choose the best staff for any designation they hire. As one of the best background check companies in Raipur, the main goal of our solutions and services is to approve brands and companies that work with legitimate employees with verified backgrounds. Our solution enables companies to hire the right candidates to increase their company's productivity and profits with their verified experience and qualifications. Our background screening and verification support benefit all types of businesses including startups, SMEs, state-owned enterprises, multinationals, large corporations, and individuals.

As a leader among background verification companies in Raipur, Millow provides you with more comprehensive background checks as per your needs and enables you to make more informed decisions. Millow has been entrusted by reputable companies to manage and store secure data, and it does not take that trust lightly. Millow's key principles are professionalism, service and honesty.


The Importance of Background Checks

Background verification can be an effective tool in finding the right candidate every time. Background checks are often used as a form of pre-employment screening to determine a candidate's financial, criminal, and employment history. When it comes to hiring the preferred candidate, employers often want to know more than just an application or what the candidate says during an interview. Background checks not only help employers learn more about a candidate's past, but they can also save the company time, money, and stress in the recruiting process.

The best background check policies include offers for ongoing background checks on existing and new employees. A criminal record check is simply a snapshot of a person's criminal history at a given point in time. Conducting a criminal background check on all of your employees every few years is a good way to ensure the protection and safety of your business.

Conducting background checks on potential employees and volunteers should be an important part of your leading organization's business processes. Background checks can help reduce the risk for criminal activity such as violence, abuse, and theft. A comprehensive background screening also reviews information on an applicant's resume or application and helps your organization decide if a person is a good fit for the position.

After all, you want your business to thrive, so you'll be selecting the best candidates. There is no denying that the process of recruitment is hectic and full of stress. You go through such extensive processes because you want the best for your company. If you want to be sure that you have hired the right candidate, a background check is as important as anything else. All in all, you need to be thorough in your hiring screening process, and that can only be done with a comprehensive background check on each applicant. If you do not want your job security to be jeopardized or you have to go through the stressful hiring screening process all over again, it's best to conduct background checks to make smart decisions.

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