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We provide professional field support and investigation services to clients. Pan-India cases are looked after by our local agents who are well-established and experienced in providing our comprehensive financial risk control services. We are especially well suited because we have a vast network of field agents across India. Our investigations and reporting are comprehensively descriptive with the main objective of gathering convincing evidence.

We specialize in FCU for banks, NBFCs and Home Finance Companies (HFCs) and provide a comprehensive package for the home/housing loan domain. We have experienced advocates, civil engineers and field agents to perform these tasks.

Gain the most accurate and full due-diligence background check reports prepared by the industry-leading background screening professionals.

The complex security standards and stringent financial rules forces banks, non-banking financial institutions, and housing finance companies to perform a careful and thorough background checkon candidates before hiring them.Our investigation team verifies the true identity, employment history, academic qualifications, criminal and civil records, and a wide range of industry specific background screening to make a well-informed decision.

Services offered –

    Due Diligence

    With the help of due diligence the entity is able to get a detailed information on their client and also gets a fair idea about their line of business.

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    Discreet Check

    Loan issuing authority periodically checks their customers in order to find out what they are doing with the disbursed amount and also keep a track of their repayment record.

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    CPV (Customer Profile Verification)

    This check happens before the companies issue loan to their prospective client. Minutest details of their potential customers are ascertained through this check .

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Available Services

Type Of Checks

Address Check

Documents Checks (Pan/Aadhar/D.L/Passport/Voter ID)

Occupation Details /Business/Job/Self Worker-

Type of Residence/Owned/ Rented/Govt.Quarter/Company Provided

Type of locality(Low,Medium,High,Socitey,Appartment)

No of years in Current Business as per

Business Setup details:

●   Estimated area
●   Name Board seen (Yes/No)

Discreet Check Details:

●   Third Party Check


Small businesses are often faced with the challenge of finding a background verification company. The typical process involved is:

    1.Contacting numerous vendors and inviting quotations

    2.Negotiating the good price and hiring the cheapest

    3.After finalizing the agreement, the company then realizes the problems with onboarding the cheapest priced vendor.

    4.The company requires a dedicated team to follow up with the vendor overs emails and phone calls for every candidate , as 90% of the verification companies still operate in a traditional model with limited tech adoption.

The Millow advantage is that we provide an end to end verification service in 3 steps:


    2.Input info and upload images

    3.View the final report in a customized dashboard of your company on our app

Alternatively, we can offer you just two steps as we will contact your applicants for the necessary info rather than burden your teams with this time consuming and unproductive task:

    1.You register

    2.View the final report