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Background Verification Solutions for Banks, NBFCs and HFCs

We provide professional on-site support and investigation services to our clients. Pan-India cases are handled by our local representatives who are well established and experienced in providing our comprehensive financial risk control services. We are particularly well suited because we have an extensive network of field agents throughout India. Our investigations and reports are comprehensive and have the main objective of gathering convincing evidence.

We specialize in FCU for banks, NBFCs and Home Finance Companies (HFCs) and offer a comprehensive package for home/apartment loans. We have experienced lawyers, civil engineers and field staff to handle these assignments.

Get the most accurate and complete due diligence background check reports prepared by the industry’s leading background check experts.

TComplex security standards and strict financial regulations force banks, non-bank financial institutions, and housing associations to conduct careful and thorough background checks on candidates before hiring them. Our investigative team reviews true identity, employment history, academic qualifications, criminal and civil history, and a wide range of industry-specific background investigations to make an informed decision.