CV Verification Service

CV Verification Service

A Curriculum Vitae or a resume is a simply a personal marketing document. The former is lengthier than a typical resume however, both serve the same purpose i.e. job application. The document is filled, formatted, and sent by the job applicant themselves. In fact, some applicants even hire professionals to prepare their CV. Now, the question arises, “What are the contents of the CV and how true are they?”. Since, the CV or the resume is a personal marketing document it can be exaggerated and even embellished. Thus, employers need to verify the contents by hiring a reputed background verification agency to perform the task.

Candidate Self Verification

Typically, the candidate must clear the background screening process during or post the hiring process. This can be very time consuming based on the stringency required by the employer. Sometimes it can be 2 months long even. Hence, job candidates these days pre-emptively get themselves and their CV/resume verified. It is no surprise that the supply for talent in the market far exceeds the number of jobs, especially during Covid-19. Companies receive a plethora of job applications and the hiring and onboarding process is very resource and time intensive. Hence, applicants these days are retroactively getting their credentials verified by a reputed background screening agency so they can produce themselves as ‘trusted’ candidates and earn the favor of the prospective employer.



The typical contents of a resume are related to education, past employment, and extra-curricular activities. Employers are most concerned with your education and past-employment claims because they want to validate that you are indeed capable of handling the tasks they plan on giving you. Additionally, they want to check your integrity by speaking with your previous employers and references.

Why Verify?

Employers get their employees verified to safeguard themselves from reputational and monetary damage. Negligent hiring can result in the onboarding of a candidate who ended up embezzling from the company or was a drug addict/alcoholic and was abusive towards their colleagues, made inappropriate comments/gestures in the workplace, shared sensitive company secrets with the employer’s competitors etc. Employers who are ISO 27001 certified need to get their employees verified to comply with the certification’s requirements.


The background check agency will collect the necessary details and documents from the candidate for eg. CV, marksheets/certificates, past employer details etc. and through a combination of efforts not least database check, emails, calls & even physical visits will get your credentials verified. Thereafter, the candidate, in case of self-verification, will be provided a background check report duly stamped with the company’s ISO certification and other credentials, along with the annexures, which will include the proof of verification. These can be furbished to a future employer.

Benefits & Applications

A candidate who has voluntarily hired a background verification company to verify themselves or their CV/resume will stand out from the crowd as a ‘trusted’ person. The candidate had nothing to hide and was proving his/her claims through an accredited third-party. This will strengthen the candidate’s future attempts at a job, tenancy, marriage or even loan applications.

In addition to the above, the candidate will have a soft copy of their marksheets/certificates duly digitally stamped by the issuing authority. Hence, in the event the candidate has misplaced their physical certificates the soft copy will serve as a genuine back up!



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