employment Background Verification Process

Employment Verification

The world is going through a low phase where a new global pandemic is causing severe destruction to the development and claiming lives every second. Needless to say, unemployment rates are increasing at a faster rate than before. The need for money – more correctly the greed for quick money forces a large mass of people to find unlawful means and secure a job. According to the latest report, more than 80 per cent of resumes come with false or embellished information.

The advancement of technology and the common belief that ‘no one will catch you if you falsify the documents’ have catalyzed the growing menace of lying on resumes. Employment verification is a type of background screening service related to employment, where a team of investigators working with background checking companies like Millow, scrutinize the authenticity of the documents submitted by the candidates by performing an all-round check on the previous employment and past employer details.