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Millow is a technology-enabled background verification company in Gurgaon that helps businesses hire new employees quickly while protecting them from fraud. A background check is always important, whether you are a small business expanding quickly across multiple functional areas or a one-person company hiring your first employee. In addition, several large companies that span multiple countries, as well as mid-sized companies that are growing across multiple product lines and geographies, often hire professional background check companies. Millow has a professional team of BGV experts who help clients develop customized background check and screening solutions that meet their company's needs. Hiring the right candidate is an important factor in any business. However, in today's recruiting process, it is impossible to select a candidate by sight.

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Our background verification services:

1. Documents/Identity Verification
Aadhar, Pan Card, Voter ID, and DL

2. Employment Verification
Past employers

3. Address Verification
Physical check by our field agents Pan-India

4. Criminal Record Check
Police verification via SP’s office

5. Court Record Verification
Criminal Antecedents, verified by our team of legal experts

6. Education Verification
Academic certificates and mark sheets from universities across India and abroad

7. Social Media check
Indexing social media footprint

8. Global Watch list check
Global database check

9. Economic default check
Defaulters’ database check

10. Drug check
5-panel drug test from laboratories Pan-India

11. Credit check
CIBIL report

12. Marksheet Verification
Verify marksheets online


It is important to find the right candidate with integrity, skills and qualifications for the job. Candidates state their qualifications, experience and skills in their resumes to get selected for the vacancy. But these statements are not always true. Therefore, many organizations conduct background checks as a part of the hiring process. Organizations in Gurgaon verify the information provided by the applicants during the hiring process as a part of background check. To know whether the applicant is giving correct information or not to get the job, we help the employer to collect the private and public information of the candidate through our thorough background checks. Every city and state has different laws for conducting a background check on a candidate. We are licensed professionals for conducting background checks for various organizations in Gurgaon.

Our standard background verification services include a criminal history check so the company knows if the applicant for the job has a criminal history. Background checks to verify a candidate's sanity helps to understand whether or not the person is suitable for the job. Sometimes these candidates have to work with organizational data for which the sanity of the applicant is important. One of the main advantages of conducting a background check is that it provides organizational security. An organization cannot take a risk by compromising the safety of the organization or other employees. It will be risky for the organization to maintain security and deal with the candidate if the organization hires a dangerous candidate without any background check. Check our employee screening services.

Segments of Employee Background Verification Gurgaon

Millow, one of the best employee verification companies in Gurgaon, helps various companies in maintaining a professional environment. We usually verify both the professional and personal details provided by the candidates. It is important to ensure that the hired candidates help the organization in maintaining a professional environment. We also frequently conduct qualification checks, pre-employment checks, and reference checks. Qualification checks involve reviewing academic records, degree transcripts, and other documents. In pre-employment verification, the organization contacts the HR of the previous company to get details about salary, position, performance, and reasons for termination. Reference checks involve contacting a colleague or relative of the candidate to understand the candidate's behavior.

Companies in Gurgaon also need to do Social Media Background Check services. In this factor, we verify the social network of the candidate like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. We provide innovative solutions that will fulfill your screening needs. We check the social media profiles of the candidates during the hiring process to ensure that you are hiring the right candidate. We check the candidate's behavior, i.e. whether they use insults towards other internet users, racist or misogynistic comments.

A criminal background check is also essential before hiring an employee. It is one of the essential factors as it shows whether the candidate has a criminal record or not. Only professional background check companies like Millow conduct an in-depth criminal background check. A background check is incomplete without a credit check. It includes a credit check on financial transactions or collateral. This helps to build trust in the candidates. The background check process of checking employment history, financial records, criminal records, commercial records and other activities of a person is very important as it helps to confirm the authenticity of a candidate.
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