Dating & Marriage Partner Research Services for Indian Women

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Dating & Pre-Marriage Partner Research Involves a Thorough Due Diligence on the Individual so You Can Safeguard Yourself

Have you ever come across a woman who simply hoped of meeting a genuine and well-mannered man without any ulterior motives? You might very well be ‘that woman’. Modern dating and matrimony apps leave much to be desired on the ‘trust’ front. Catfishing, impersonations, identity duplication, exaggerated profiles, lies and fraud seem to be the order of the day in the digital domain of romance. Millow aims to play the role of your protective big brother by thoroughly researching your ‘partner’ and reporting the data thereby, empowering you for better decision-making. Data can include a confidence score on the various credentials, identity, integrity etc. of the person.

Based on my report, you may decide to meet the person, take your relationship to the next level, or simply give it more time and get to know the person better! I want to empower you with information so you can make better dating decisions, avert fraud and heartaches.

How Do We Research?

You will provide us with simple identifiers namely:
1. Full name
2. Email
3. Mobile number

I am an expert at people due diligence and background verification and will use a combination of digital footprint analysis, advanced search engine techniques, social media intelligence and deep web research. This effort is aimed at unearthing information not accessible by the common citizen. Discreet physical investigations and even database checks (criminal record, identity etc.) can be leveraged if you so desire.


Case Studies: Why We Do • What We Do

Case Studies: Why We Do • What We Do

Online Romance Scam

Priyanka met ‘Mr. Suave’, an NRI living in New York, on a dating app and started chatting with him. She would look forward to his witty messages each day and would smile upon reading them. She wondered what ‘Mr. Suave’ would be like in person, surely a charming and witty gent, she assumed. One day ‘Mr. Suave’ messaged Priyanka that he had sent her a beautiful pendant worth a few lakhs (INR) and that she would merely have to pay a 35k custom duty to get it cleared. Priyanka received a call from someone claiming to be from the customs and sent her a payment link. Turns out, this is common modus operandi of fraudsters who purport to be gentlemen and entrap women using their charms only to cheat them in the end and disappear? Unfortunately, our dear Priyanka did not do much research on ‘Mr. Suave’ and became his 7th victim as a result.


Yashika, a happy go lucky gal from Mumbai had the perfect life. She was a wealth manager at a bank and made good money. She was self-sufficient and owned a nice car. To top it all, she had a doting mom who was a widower and wanted her dear daughter to settle down with a nice man. Yashika was a shy gal and so she signed up on a matrimony app. Soon she met a doctor from the UK and the stars seemed to have aligned. He traveled to Mumbai from London to meet her and her mom. Overnight engagement plans were made and a destination wedding ensued. Yashika quit her job and moved to London to be with her husband. One night the door-bell rang and Yashika found a woman crying profusely at the door step. When she tried consoling the woman she found out that she was the ‘other’ woman in her husband’s life. Yashika’s husband was having an affair with this woman for a long time but his family protested as she belonged to a different caste than theirs. Enter Yashika, who became the ‘trophy wife’, as it were. Yashika’s world came crumbling down. Where could she go? She was in a foreign land with no one around.

Online Dating

Richa gives in and decides meets Mr. ‘Banker’, a guy she met on a dating app. He also lived in Bangalore and was very persistent on meeting up. They meet at a local café and things turned out normal. However, after their date ‘Mr. Banker’ insists on dropping Richa to her house in his ‘luxury car’. Richa was reluctant however, once again ‘Mr. Banker’s’ persistence paid off. They reach Richa’s house when things got weird. ‘Mr. Banker’ now asks Richa to give him a tour of her home. Richa declined and somehow managed to leave him behind. ‘Mr. Banker’ kept messaging and calling Richa in the following days. Richa had enough and blocked him. She happened to mention this incident to her friend who remarkably had a similar incident and turns out, with the same guy! What was worse- he was married!

Frequently Asked Questions

pre-marriage verification FAQ

1. Will my partner know I am researching him?
No, this will be a discreet check. Your name will not be involved in any capacity.

2. What information do I need to provide you?
Full Name, email, cell number, photos and any other information you can provide us will be helpful.

3. How much does this service cost?
HeyLittleSis is a service I am offering you for free, for now. If you are happy with my service, you can always give me a thank you gift 😊