Background Verification for Household Services

A domestic helper in India is more than a mere ‘servant’, he/she becomes a part of the family. The woman of the house often supervises these employees. Hence, it is imperative that one verifies the background and antecedents of the person in question so that the family, including the women and children in the house, can be secure in his/her presence. According to NCRB there has been an overall 1.3% rise in the criminal cases.

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Why domestic help verification services is important in today’s life?

Crimes involving domestic help and security guards are increasing at an alarming rate. According to NCRB - National Crime Records Bureau, in a year there records around 700 crime cases where servants, housekeepers, and domestic help are involved. Gone are the days when we appoint a new maid or domestic help by looking at their face. The rising number of criminal cases forces people to rely on background screening providers offering reliable domestic help verification services.

The nuclear family structure and ‘all adults employed’ situations along with the modern lifestyle make the life of people in cities difficult to timely complete their daily household chores. It is at this point in time people opt for Domestic help services.

It is of no doubt that domestic help verification is surely the need of the hour. In most cases, people hire domestic help for raising little kids or after school child care and for doing household chores. In some cases, employed family members seek the help of a home nurse or any domestic help services to care for ailing parents. Whatever be the type of domestic help service you need, prior to appointing a nanny or domestic help, sedulous and careful domestic help verification will prevent you and your family from possible tragedies.

As one of the trusted and reliable domestic help verification agencies, Millow has a dedicated team of experts who have years of expertise in conducting domestic help verification and background checking.

Our domestic help verification service is a comprehensive suite of different background check tactics that we apply to get the minutest details of servants and home helps. We check for criminal background, financial cheating history, sex offense history, etc. before recommending any person to work with your family members.