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Millow is a tech-enabled background verification company in Mumbai that leverages advanced technologies and intelligence gathering techniques to verify the background of new employees, tenants, domestic helpers, etc. so individuals and companies can engage with only reliable and qualified folks. When companies hire new employees without background verification, they are vulnerable to numerous risks. To operate successfully, many companies in Mumbai hire reputed background verification companies to minimize their risk.

"I'd rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone than hire the wrong person"- Jeff Bezos (Founder and CEO of the multinational technology company Amazon).

We are one of the best background verification companies in India dedicated to offering all-inclusive and fully-managed background screening services.
Millow conducts a thorough as well as a comprehensive background check for its clients. Background Verification is often performed following tried and tested processes. The background verification service providers in Mumbai allow you to make smart recruitment decisions with confidence. Hiring new employees is one of the biggest investments that businesses in Mumbai make. When recruiting new employees, many companies seek additional information from background verification agencies to help them verify whether they are making informed hiring decisions. With each new hire, organizations usually invest time, money, training as well as resources. Millow is one of the best and reliable Background verification companies in Mumbai that provide completely accurate information to its customers. Every company has its preferences, requirements, and approach for conducting background checks. However, employers in all areas often look for the most comprehensive picture of their candidates.


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Employee Background Verification in Mumbai

Employee background verification is essential as criminals don't usually have awful looks. So, a Criminal background check can uncover their true identities. A standard Background Verification uses a person’s name, social security number, and birth date to collect a variety of information on them from private databases and public platforms. Millow, the reliable background screening company often can access all relevant sources to generate an easy-to-understand report about the applicant for the employer to review. We cover the following areas:

Employment history

Millow checks with the previous companies in which the applicant was employed. Moreover, the employment Background checks verify the candidate’s accurate work history.

Identity verification

We confirm the applicant has provided an accurate social security number and name using the document verification process. This background verification procedure also checks if the applicant has a legal right to work in the country.

Criminal history

Background Verification often includes learning if the applicant has criminal records, has been convicted of a crime or has outstanding warrants in the registry or government watchlist.

Education background

Similar to verifying employment history, Background verification companies in Mumbai also verify the accuracy of the degrees, marksheet verification and universities on the candidate’s resume.

Government-issued licenses

We confirm whether the applicant is licensed for the job. This type of background screening is done if you are hiring for a role that requires a government-issued credential.

Credit check

Many companies in Mumbai perform a credit check on their applicants to learn if the applicant is financially responsible. This is vital if these employees will have access to company funds or will be managing a budget.

Motor vehicle records

This background Verification finds out if the candidate has received citations or has been involved in any accidents.

Why Choose Millow for Background Checks in Mumbai?

Know who the real person is through background checks. A pre-employment background screening ensures the candidate doesn’t have an unscrupulous past and is honest. Companies in Mumbai often expand on a standard report by contacting the personal references and previous employers of the candidates. We also review the public social media accounts of the applicants. Millow gathers sufficient information regarding the candidates so that the companies can be more confident in their hiring decisions. We perform in-depth background checks to verify if the candidate is qualified. Some people in Mumbai, unfortunately, embellish their education or work history while job searching. Hence, some companies in Mumbai end up hiring someone unqualified. To ensure the hiring of eligible candidates, companies in Mumbai hire us for trustworthy and efficient Background Verification services.

Performing a character check is also vital to check if someone is exaggerating their background. You can ensure your company only hires high-eligible people by availing of the background verification services from Millow. Background checks also protect your employees, keeps your workplace safe, reduces your company’s liability, and avoid bad hires. Background checks save many organizations from hiring any unsavory or dangerous individuals. Apart from that, your company can avoid unnecessary lawsuits and lower insurance costs by only hiring individuals who clear a pre-employment screening. Hiring the wrong person can be frustrating and costly. By making a small effort to conduct background checks can prevent major problems from occurring later.

Background Verification in Mumbai

Our Comprehensive Background Verification Services

  • Employee Background Verification Services
  • Background Verification for Banks, NBFCs and HFCs
  • Domestic Background Screening
  • Tenant Background Verification Service
  • Custom Services (As per client’s requirements)
Types of Verifications

  1. Documents/Identity Verification
  2. Employment Verification
  3. Address Verification
  4. Criminal Record Verification
  5. Court Record Verification
  6. Education Verification
  7. Marksheet Verification
  8. Court Record Verification
  9. Drug check
  10. Credit check
  11. Social Media check
  12. Global Watchlist check
  13. Economic default check
  14. More checks: As per client’s requirements

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