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Millow makes the background checks & screening process easier for companies with our expertise and services in Pune. We have the advanced tools and resources needed to make sure efficient and accurate results. Numerous Background Verification Companies in Pune offer Background screening services regardless of whether the clients are big or small, local, or global companies. Many corporate investigations and Background verification firms in Pune are gaining momentum in the current business and corporate environment. Background screening is important to keep a tab on both the competitors as well as the employees. We are not shy to say that we are the best Background Check Company in India dedicated to offering all-inclusive and fully-managed background screening services.
Most of the corporate investigations in Pune are often done with the primary aim of conducting post-employment verification and pre-employment verification of the employees. Background screening helps different organizations or companies to inspect the financial, criminal, and sometimes commercial records of employees. Background verification ensures that the information provided by the candidates is fully accurate. Besides, the background Verification process protects your interest from any negative aspects including fraudulent activity, loss of income, and damage of reputation. To attain growth and success, many companies in Pune perform Background screening on their employees before hiring them.


Employee Background Verification Companies in Pune

Importance of Background Checks in Pune

Estimates show that nearly 45% of CV’s provided by the candidates contain wrong or tweaked information. So, many firms in Pune run background verification on their potential candidates. Millow feels a responsibility to our clients to provide them with our finest service. We save you time and effort by organizing and streamlining the recruit processes. Background Verifications are run by employers to verify the background or history of their candidates during the process of recruitment. Some of the other reasons that make Background checks a must for an employee include:

  1. Background screening ensure that only employees with a clean background are selected or kept for longer durations
  2. Background verification provides a secured work environment for the firms as well as the employees hired
  3. Background verification results in better recruits and hence there will be less employee turnover in the companies
  4. Background Checks successfully reveal the frauds or unfit candidates
  5. Employees who have criminal records or drug abuse can find out using Background verification
  6. The criminal behavior or past criminal nature of the potential employees can be investigated using a Background Verification process.

Millow understands the entire situation and helps several companies in Pune with precise background checks. Apart from that, you can expect precise and honest results by choosing the services of Millow. Because we understand the importance of accurate Background Verification and the legal battles that can ensue if not done faithfully, we focus on accuracy and compliance by reviewing all of our information is correct, in an intention to protect our clients. There are several reputed firms in Pune that offer you very simple yet effective, swift, and affordable background check services. Availing Background Verification or Screening services in Pune will get you first-hand information that is accurate, precise, and timely for wise decision making. All things considered, you need to be detailed in your employment screening process and that is only possible with a comprehensive background screening on each employee. So, if you want workplace safety and easy employment hiring, it is important to run background checks to make better decisions. Millow, one of the best Background screening companies in India can help you to get the Background verification done efficiently in Pune. Our Background Verification services include employees’ Resume Check, Reference Check, Public Database Check, Identity Check, and Employment Background Check so that the companies can hire the right employees. Background checks often include Criminal Background Check, Credit History Check, Credentials Check, Residential Address Check, and Education Background Check.

Benefits of Background Verification

Human capital is one of the most relevant assets for any business. Therefore, Background Verification Companies in Pune plays major role in hiring employees. Employee background verifications are to be handled with care. Hence, companies in Pune opt for background verifications to create a safe work environment by mitigating risks. Apart from that, this prevents fraud, protect company brand value, establish trust, and increase profitability. The background screening includes candidates at all levels, including part-time workers as well as senior management employees. Background Checks are crucial since these employees will have access to the office premises, assets, and sensitive information if hired. We offer a full suite of background screening services to Pan-India businesses and government agencies. Millow offers HR outsourcing solutions like drug screening and criminal database searches for businesses all across India. We serve businesses all around the globe. But we are performed to serving businesses all over the Indian States.

Our background verification Services include:

  1. Documents/Identity Verification
    Aadhar, Pan Card, Voter ID, and DL
  2. Employment Verification
    Past employers
  3. Address Verification
    Physical check by our field agents Pan-India
  4. Criminal Record Check
    Police verification via SP’s office
  5. Court Record Verification
    Criminal Antecedents, verified by our team of legal experts
  6. Education Verification
    Academic certificates and mark sheets from universities across India and abroad
  7. Social Media check
    Indexing social media footprint
  8. Global Watch list check
    Global database check
  9. Economic default check
    Defaulters’ database check
  10. Drug check
    5-panel drug test from laboratories Pan-India
  11. Credit check
    CIBIL report
  12. Marksheet Verification
    Verify marksheets online
Background Verification in Pune


We provide customized Background screening services throughout all the states in India. We would love to partner with your business to provide detailed and thorough background verification solutions. Millow provides convenient tenant screening solutions to property management companies. We can handle all your blue collar and white collar verifications. Reach out to us at:
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