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Millow is an advanced and modern background check company in Hyderabad that helps companies hire new employees quickly while protecting them from fraud. To ensure success and growth, many companies in Hyderabad conduct Background Checks on their employees before hiring them. Millow offers Background Verification services whether the clients are large or small, local or global. Background checks help various organizations to check the financial, criminal and sometimes business records of employees. We offer credit report verification services that can help weed out individuals who do not have solid financial knowledge. Candidates who have not managed their finances properly may not be able to manage finances properly, perhaps inefficiently with balancing a cash drawer and transactions. Millow conducts Employee Credit Score Verification to reduce the possibilities of employee fraud. Millow's Background Screening ensures that the information provided by candidates is 100% accurate. Moreover, the background check protects your interests from all the negative aspects like fraudulent activities, loss of income and damage to reputation.

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Our background verification services:

1. Documents/Identity Verification
Aadhar, Pan Card, Voter ID, and DL

2. Employment Verification
Past employers

3. Address Verification
Physical check by our field agents Pan-India

4. Criminal Record Check
Police verification via SP’s office

5. Court Record Verification
Criminal Antecedents, verified by our team of legal experts

6. Education Verification
Academic certificates and mark sheets from universities across India and abroad

7. Social Media check
Indexing social media footprint

8. Global Watch list check
Global database check

9. Economic default check
Defaulters’ database check

10. Drug check
5-panel drug test from laboratories Pan-India

11. Credit check
CIBIL report

12. Marksheet Verification
Verify marksheets online


Background Verification

Millow's AI-driven background verification portal

Importance of Background Verification Services

The majority of corporate investigations in Hyderabad often hire Millow with the primary goal of conducting a pre-employment and post-employment review. You can save the higher costs of unlawful activities and fraud in your companies by making a small investment in employment screening. By offering employment screening background checks, Millow helps filter out workers who may have criminal backgrounds. We understand the problems faced by the Human Resources Department of various organizations in hiring the right candidates.

By using its sophisticated network and technology, Millow helps several companies minimize their hiring risks by offering efficient background checks. Apart from this, you can expect precise and accurate results when you opt for Millow's expert services. Employee background checks are critical. Hence, companies in Hyderabad opt for background check services from us to create a safe working environment by minimizing risks. Background Verification can provide you with a wealth of information that will help you make wise decisions. Millow offers you very simple yet effective, fast and affordable background check services.

Background Verification company in hyderabad

Millow provides its customers with consistent and timely status updates on all checks ordered. It helps employers uncover dishonest applicants by providing them with a wealth of information to make wise decisions. As one of the leading background verification companies in Hyderabad, Millow offers Resume Check, Reference Check, Public Database Check, Identity Check and Employment Background Check to help companies hire the right employees. Employee background screening is done by employers to check the background or criminal history of their candidates during the hiring process. Estimates show that nearly 40% of the resumes submitted by candidates contain falsified information. Therefore, many companies in Hyderabad conduct background checks on their potential candidates.

As a professionally managed dedicated background verification Company, Millow always provides unbiased and reliable services. It also contributes to the safety of all clients, vendors and employees by providing timely services at budget-friendly rates. We provide stringent and comprehensive background check processes to help individuals and companies of all sizes hire only reliable and pre-screened candidates. Millow can help you screen potential job applicants and your employees for possible drug or alcohol abuse. Millow's drug tests are reliable and are followed by a 5-panel drug test from laboratories Pan-India. All background checks offered by Millow are designed to meet specific company policies, regulations, federal mandates and requirements.

In addition, our drug testing services are both affordable and convenient for employees. As a result, many companies in Hyderabad often work with us to hire employees. Millow offers standard economic testing services to various organizations that could reveal information about the applicant's past behavior. The process of database verification involves checking country-specific and global databases to determine if an applicant has been involved in any illegal activities related to crime or fraud. Aside from that, BGV services increase your company's productivity. Millow understands that hiring dedicated, professional, and reliable employees is necessary for the smooth functioning of your business. Our agency mainly focuses on employee background checks for our clients and helps them hire the right professionals.

Technology-First Background Verification Services

We provide customized background verification services not only in Hyderabad but in all states in India. We would love to partner with your business to provide detailed and thorough background check solutions. Millow provides convenient tenant screening solutions to property management companies. We can handle all your blue-collar and white-collar verifications. Reach out to us:
Contact: 011 41219183

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose what BGV I want to get done?

Yes, you can select the checks you’d like from our list of services.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all forms of payment like UPI, wallets, bank transfer, checks etc. depending on who is requesting our services.

Can I stop verification once started?

Yes, you may however, no refund can be initiated in such cases.

How secure is your platform and website?

We are an ISO 27001 certified organisation
1. Forgery-Proof reports are provided
2. Physical Security- We have been put through security reviews and audits
3. Online Ordering and HRIS integration-With HR-XML compatibility, our technology is based on the industry best practices.

What if details provided are incomplete?

Millow’s team will quickly reach out to you for the necessary details/documents. Alternatively, Millow can also offer an end-to-end service and collect the details/documents from your job applicant.