Background Verification Services

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Millow specializes in performing stringent background verification in the least amount of time. We leverage powerful APIs, databases and experienced field investigation officers to ensure quick turn-around times (TAT) and authenticity. Below are some of the checks we offer our clients:

  • Documents/Identity Verification

    Our Identity Verification system is designed to check all the identity documents related to a person by adhering to advanced machine-readable algorithms. Documents that are subject to verification shall include Aadhar, Pan Card, Voter ID, Driving License, and Passport.

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  • Past Employment Verification

    Millow offers detailed past employment verification services to check the integrity of the candidate. This service is also called an ‘experience check’ and reveals the credibility of candidate’s claims with respect to designation, CTC, reason for leaving, etc.

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  • Address Verification

    This check is performed to cross-verify the address provided by potential employees and serves as an additional layer of ID check. We have instituted a team of field agents (government & private) dedicated to visiting the claimed address on a Pan-India level.

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  • Criminal Record Verification

    Criminal Record Verification is one of the most important background verification services offered by Millow. This is a thorough Police verification via the SP’s office and is often used to verify blue/grey collar staff. Not all criminal records are digitized, and this solves for the challenge of low digitization.

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  • Court Record Verification

    It is crucial to check the criminal history of potential employees before hiring them. A quick and effective solution is a court record check. This is performed through a database of several million court cases covering civil and criminal cases on a Pan-India level. Additionally, we have partner law firms, and the criminal report will be attorney-stamped for more legitimacy.

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  • Education Verification

    Our team of qualified & experienced professionals scrutinizes academic certificates and mark sheets from various universities across India to detect cases of fraudulence. Millow also accesses databases of blacklisted and dubious universities across India. We have partnered with government agencies like NAD & Digilocker and we also have alliances with universities across India.

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  • Marksheet Verification

    To guard against forgery & counterfeiting of marksheets, the most advanced countermeasure we can implement is to subject all marksheets to stringent verification. Verification is performed directly from the marksheet issuing authorities.

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  • Drug check

    As an important pre-employment background check, our Pan-India 5-Panel Drug Test or Drug Check programs are dedicated to ascertaining whether the prospective employees are users of amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, opiates, and are PCP addicts. This is done through our partnership with Pan-India laboratories.

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  • Credit check

    To help you mitigate the risks of hiring employees, tenants, and other individuals who have a debt history, we offer a comprehensive suite of accurate and viable credit check services, mainly based on their individual CIBIL report. A fiscally prudent candidate is always preferable.

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    Social Media check

    Millow’s social media background checking team is dedicated to indexing the social media footprints of potential candidates, which is a new way to evaluate their employability. Attributes checked are proof of drugs, arms, sexual misconduct etc.

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  • Global Watchlist check

    Global database check enables searching of various international lists of sanctions, terrorist watchlist etc. to determine whether your potential candidates are of ill-repute and might cause damage to your organization and brand.

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  • Economic default check

    Defaulters database check gives an insight into a person’s financial transaction history to detect the cases of fraudulent financial practices or tax avoidance or tax evasion and is entered in the CIBIL's defaulter or loan defaulter list.

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  • More checks: As per client’s requirements

    Based on the unique requirements of our clientele we offer them well-tailored and personalized background checks and verification solutions that help them meet their professional and personal goals.