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Employers should conduct employment history checks to verify a candidate’s previous jobs, tenure, and salary. As well as request information regarding the applicant’s separation from employment. Millow makes employment verification easy. We offer corporations a host of services with stringent screening services in the shortest amount of time. HR departments are typically burdened with mundane tasks however, we offer them respite by taking on menial tasks through our end-to-end background verification services.

Employee Background Verification Services – Why, How & What To Do?

Your company’s recruitment strategy can either make or break your business. The very first step required to make your recruitment strategy a great success is by adopting a comprehensive and efficient employee background verification program offered by a reliable background screening provider. At Millow, we offer top-notch employee background verification services for businesses of all sizes – whether it is a fortune global company or a mid-scale business, or a start-up firm. Our smart and on-demand background screening services play a vital role in vetting the best talent pool for your enterprise. The types of background checks for employees include criminal, credit, and employment history. We also consider public information such as court records, and sex offender records or information found on the internet and Social Media.

Why Does Top-Tier Management Need Meticulous Employee Background Screening?

Top level management defines the strategy of a business in general. No matter how successful your business is, you need to consider different factors before hiring top level managers and board members. The best and easy way to access the appropriateness and suitability of management level candidates is to conduct a detailed background screening. Our enterprise-level employee background verification programs are well-tailored to include various employee verification tactics that help reveal the factual information related to each employee.

As top level managers, board members, and executives have direct access to the assets of a company, it is crucial to perform employee background verification on candidates selected for employment. At Millow, our intelligent and competent investigators do thorough and rigorous employee background verification to help companies hire the most viable candidates having values and ethics that go well with your business culture and environment.

Since our inception, we have been recognized as one of the most reputable background screening companies in India. At Millow, we have incorporated futuristic technologies and state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver dependable and cost-effective employee background verification to help enterprises offer employment to candidates without worrying about their conduct and ability. Our employee background verification solutions include smart and innovative verification tools and technologies needed to deliver flawless background screening works.

How Our Employee Background Verification System Works?

With a profound team of well-versed investigators and world-class infrastructure, we perform all-inclusive employee background verification on every prospective candidate and submit a meticulous background screening report to help organizations make better hiring decisions. From the past criminal records to the credibility of academic and professional qualifications, we check every minute detail related to each candidate.
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India Background Screening And Verification Landscape

    Nascent industry with growing needs and awareness

    A policy mandate for Fortune 1000 and other global organisations

    An estimated 66 million checks conducted

    Top three in priority on the hiring criteria – not just a ‘tick in the box’

    Increased awareness and adoption of screening in the domestic market across verticals

Available Services

Type of Checks

Identity Check (PAN, Aadhaar, Voter ID etc.)

Address Check (Current/Permanent)

Court Record Check

Education Check

Past Employment Check

Reference Check

Credit Check


Drug Test Check