Overseas Employment Background Verification for Indian Job Applicants

Overseas Employment Background Verification for Indian Job Applicants

We specialize in quick and authentic background check reports for ‘overseas job’ applicants

If you are a foreign/overseas job consultant or a job applicant to an overseas company, you will require a reputed and accredited background verification agency to provide you a detailed BGV report. We have catered to numerous customers who have received job offers from foreign companies or require a BGV report even prior to the interview itself.

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A typical BGV report is provided in 2-3 days and will contain the following checks:

Address Verification: Your prospective employer will require that your current and permanent address be verified as an additional layer of ID verification and for better traceability, as per their internal compliance protocols.

Past Employment/Experience Check: The employer wants to confirm that your experience claims match the facts. Hence, we will verify your employment details from your previous 2-3 employers. Companies want to know that their new hires are of the highest caliber and character.

Education/Degree Verification: Owing to the rising cases of education or degree fraud your employer will want to ascertain that you have indeed graduated from the university you have listed on your CV/resume.

Criminal Record Check: The employer needs to make sure that the candidate has not committed any serious offenses in the past that could jeopardize the company’s reputation and financial standing.

More Checks: As per the client’s requirements we also perform several other checks like medical/drug panel, OFAC, Credit, Economic default etc.

Overseas Employment BGV

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